Our Mission

To uplift the human spirit by cultivating a culture of regular Jewish study

What is Torah Studies?

Torah Studies is a weekly text-based Torah study program offered in 275 cities on six continents. Torah Studies was founded in 2004 to provide instructors with well-researched, in-depth classes on the weekly Torah portion. Torah Studies enables students of all backgrounds to gain a true appreciation of cardinal Jewish beliefs and practices.

We will be incorporating the courses of the Torah studies experience into the Weekly Lunch 'N' Learn 

The Torah Studies Experience

In each session, the Torah Studies student encounters a multi-sensory learning experience including a mix of Jewish texts, discussions, learning activities, illustrative anecdotes, visual aids, and digital multimedia. Jewish texts are weaved together to deepen the student's understanding of a profound new Torah insight. Lessons focus on contemporary topics of Jewish interest, including personal, social, political, and economical issues. Student textbooks contain readings carefully selected from the entire gamut of Jewish literature including traditional and modern sources. The Torah Studies instructor acts as the guide-on-the-side, rather than the sage-on-the-stage, utilizing modern pedagogic techniques to revolutionize a tradition of classical Jewish learning.