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  • A Kiddush Luncheon follows services on Shabbat. Over challah and lunch, we chat and nosh together. Mark a Yahrtzeit, celebrate your birthday, anniversary, or other family occasion by sponsoring a Kiddush. It is a beautiful way of sharing your personal celebration with the community. 
    This Kiddush setup and food is based on the number of approximate regular shul attendees. If you wish to invite additional people to Shul, (Great idea!) please let us know so that we can be better prepared.

    See below for tentative menu options.
  • Fish Deluxe Kiddush - $360


    • Fresh Salmon OR Gefite Fish OR Lox Platter OR Smoked White Fish
    • Herring variety 
    • Crackers and Dips
    • Assorted Salads (such as: pasta, fresh, broccoli etc.)
    • Fruit Platter
    • Pastry Platter or Cake
    • Drinks and L'chaims

    Meat Deluxe Kiddush - $360


    • Deli Meat Platter OR Deli wraps/roll ups OR Schnitzel (Chicken fingers)
    • Crackers and Dips 
    • Cholent
    • Assorted Salads (such as: pasta, fresh, broccoli)
    • Kugel
    • Pastry Platter or Cake 
    • Drinks and L'chaims  
  • Co-sponsor or "lighter" Kiddush - $180

    Co-sponsor a deluxe Kiddush or Kiddush will Include:

    • Cholent and/or Kugel
    • Assorted Salads (such as: pasta, fresh, broccoli)
    • Pastry Platter or Cake 
    • Drinks and L'chaims  
  • April 22 - Parshat Tazria Metzora - Reserved
    May 6 - Parshat Emor - Reserved
    May 20 - Parshat Bamidbar  Reserved
    May 26 - Shavuot - Reserved
    May 27 - Shavuot/Shabbos - Reserved
    June 10 - Parshat Be'haalotecha - Reserved
    June 24 - Parshat Korach - Reserved
    July 8 - Parshat Pinchas - Reserved
    July 22 - Parshat Devarim Reserved
    August 5 - Parshat Eikev
    August 19 - Parshat Shoftim -
    Co-sponsor avail.

    September 2 - Parshat Ki Tavo

     *If you would like to sponsor a specific Shabbat, marking an occasion during that week and it is marked "Reserved", please email [email protected]

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