jewish-history2.jpg5000 Years

in 5 Hours

A 3-part Crash Course in Jewish History 

Take a journey beginning with our patriarch Abraham's departure from Mesopotamia and concluding with the creation of the Modern State of Israel.

Know the story of your People


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Course Overview: 

  • The Judges, Prophets and kings of Israel
  • Our struggles under the Assyrian, Babylonian, Greek, & Roman Empires  
  • The authorship and development of the Mishna & Talmud
  • The Ashkenazic and Sephardic divide
  • The rise of Christianity and Islam
  • European Persecution: The Crusaders, Spanish Inquisitions, & Polish Pogroms
  • The evol ution of the modern movements of Chassidism, the enlightenment, & Zionism.

Class #1: - Abraham to Ezra

Class #2: - Ezra to Rambam

Class #3: - Rambam to the Modern Era

Course includes, maps, timelines, and texts.