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Judaism is a beautiful religion with many traditions. As Jewish families moved to America many traditions were passed down, while the How To was sometimes lost.

Join people just like you to learn the practical steps to take to fulfill the mitzvot as well as ways to add meaning to them.

Come to one or all of the classes listed. (Dates will be listed shortly, stay tuned).

Yom Kipur / Sukkot -
Chanukah - December 18th
Kosher -
Shabbat -
Mezuzah -
Purim -
Pesach -
Shavuos -

CAL.pngSelected dates (as will be updated)
Where.png Chabad Jewish Center 2715 Mosside Blvd.
Who.png Adults - Men and Women
Time.png 7:00 PM

money.pngSuggested Donation 10* per series Sponsor = $100

*No one will be turned away due to lack of funds