Comradery, songs, spiritual ambiance and connection with Hashem (G‑d) - this is what you feel when attending Shabbat services. Here is where tradition meets transcendence. It is a mix between Ritual and Spirit, making it a truly divine experience.

Friday evening (depending on the season)6:30-7:30pm 
Shabbos mornings 10:00am -12:00pm

An important part of our community is the  kiddush (Oneg) that follows the Shabbat Prayer (Shabbat mornings with Esther's signature cholent!). At the kiddush where friendships are created and nurtured, l'chaims are shared, and we celebrate each other's family occasions.

Consider sponsoring a kiddush in honor of a special family occasion or in memory of a loved one. The sponsorship is $360 for full sponsorship, includes full Shabbat Dinner (or lunch), or $180 for partial sponsor or basic Kiddush Menu . Variations and more elaborate options are available. 

To reserve and sponosor a kiddush  CLICK HERE. Be sure to put the date of the kiddush you'd like to sponsor in the notes. (Please check the calendar and choose a First Friday or 3rd Shabbat closest to the occasion).

*Due to Covid restrictions, be sure to look out for information in your email about service schedule and location.