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Jewish Ethics 


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► Can a physician refuse to treat a patient suffering from a transmittable disease that poses a health risk to the physician & his staff? 

► What does Jewish law say about stem cell research & organ donation?

► If there's only one lifejacket on board a sinking ship, who should the captain give it to? 

► Must we spend $50,000,000 to build a safety-net under the Golden Gate Bridge to stop people from committing suicide? 

► Can we torture a person who has the information needed to defuse a "ticking bomb"? 

► Should a hero who saves lives be responsible for damages he made during the rescue? 

We'll discuss these topics and many others...

Our Torah contains the timeless wisdom that helps us grapple and answer life's most difficult moral and ethical questions. Discover Judaism's unique approach as we apply ancient wisdom to contemporary issues.