aleph man2.jpgThe Aleph Champion Program© is on the cutting edge of Hebrew reading today. Modeled after the Karate/Martial Arts motivational system, it works by dividing different reading skills into levels defined by color. Students understand that their teacher is a black aleph champion and their goal is to reach that level.

As the children compete and progress, we'll post our champions' levels on our website!  Visit this page often for our latest aleph champ updates.

How does it Work?

Step 1:  Once placed in a level, each child receives a colored Aleph Champ Reading Primer based on that color level.

Step 2:  Instructors use level-appropriate games, workbooks, flashcards and rewards to make every step along this remarkable journey both a fun and educational success!

Step 3:  Each time a student is ready to advance to the next level, a testing date is set. After each test has been passed successfully, the student receives an Aleph Champ Certificate of Achievement and the next color’s book.

What motivates every student? 

It’s all in the color levels.  Clearly defined, color-coded levels show each student exactly where he or she stands, and exactly what must be learned to achieve the next color level.  This clarity is great for teachers and parents as well as the students, who end up practicing at home and begging to be tested!  With that kind of excitement and self-motivation every step of the way, success is assured.

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